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• Burn Out... Already drowning in keeping things afloat
• Losing All Passion + Joy... In Your Business + Life
• Sacrificing Your Dreams... Just To Make More Money
• Increasing Your Prices... But Then Hearing Crickets
• Compromising Important Relationships... From Being Stretched Too Thin
• You Life Falling Apart... From Hustle + "Make It Happen"
• Having A Crystal Clear Path... Until You're Clear, You'll Just Stay Stuck

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your dreams

Most entrepreneurs are stuck between their current level and the next because they think they need to do what they've been doing.. just MORE.

However, to get to the next level you need to work SMARTER, which means cleaning up your business and brand strategy, strengthening your foundation and changing your story about who you are, what you do and why it matters.

You can't get to the next level with the same story that got you to this level

I believe those business dreams in your heart aren't there by accident. In fact, I believe dreams are sacred. I'm here to help you get out of your own way and start attracting more of the people you're craving working with. 


change your story to
change your life + business.


I absolutely loved everything about Soul Brand Camp and it was pure awesomeness to get to meet and spend time with so many amazing new women! Thank you Quinn for over delivering!


Loved every juicy moment of it! 

Thank you Quinn Curtis for sharing your gifts!! If anyone is even considering entrepreneurship, you will want to attend one of her "Soul Brand Camps"! Absolutely brilliant!! #soulfood.


It was amazing!

So many epiphanies. I am so excited about all that I learned. Love being here with you all! This has been so enlightening. Deep sigh of relief. This is totally doable! This seriously was a game changer!


Quinn's life-changing Soul Brand Camp event

... seriously get your butt to the next one!


The value is MASSIVE

Quinn is amazing at creating a space where you can feel creative. When I come here I get all sorts of clarity about who I am and what I want to take out and share with the world. This is something I want to come to multiple times.


it's a must for all entrepreneurs

Had an amazing experience with Quinn Curtis in her jaw dropping Soul Brand Camp! It's a MUST for all entrepreneurs!! Go and sign up! I promise you'll be so grateful you did! This event was full of the most amazing women and I couldn't get enough! 


Had an
amazing experience

Changed my life!

This was exactly what I needed with my business... Now I can take this and move forward in a BIG way. I'm so excited! Thank you so much, Quinn. 


magnetize my brand

It’s not enough for your brand to look pretty...
 your brand strategy NEEDS TO WORK + GET YOU RESULTS. 

Who are you?  What do you do?
Why does this matter? ... both to you and those you serve?

Soul Branding is SO MORE MORE than a nice logo, pretty website and some fabulous photos (although those are all important support tools). 

At it's heart,  soul branding is all about storytelling, most importantly communicating the story of the MASSIVE VALUE you offer in your business through your products and services.

When the value is more visible and effectively communicated, it makes growing the business and selling products/services DRAMATICALLY EASIER. Rather than chasing sales, we find ourselves more able to stay in our genius and joy zones in our businesses, making everything about our business absolutely irresistible and magnetic to those who need what we have to offer. 

Soul Branding takes into consideration not just your preferences, but aligning your business and branding with the Truth and magic of who you really are.







Soul brand camp is for you if:

You have a purpose-driven business and a product you are passionate about.

You want to make the world a better place with your business.

You have BIG dreams, but aren’t sure how to have your business take you there.

You know you need to have a stronger brand, but feel unsure about how to get there. 

You’re ready to stand out from the crowd.

You’re craving connecting more with your ideal clients, but don’t know exactly how to reach them.

yes! This is exactly what i need!

What does it cost?

Soul Brand Camp was created for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place with their products and services, but aren’t sure how to get to their next level JOYFULLY. This 2-day workshop will light a fire in you to follow your heart and stop holding back in your business. It will help you stand tall and own the massive value you are offering in the world with your products/services. Soul Brand Camp will change the game for your life and business by helping you find your clear path to create the success you’ve been dreaming of, but in a way that feels good and aligns with your heart, soul and BIG vision.

 Oh... and did we mention that every attendee also receives lifetime access to the recording of the entire event?!
In-person tickets also include tasty, nutritious meals. Gluten-free and vegetarian options available at each meal.

i’d like to join online for only $149

ready to register for only $197

quinn nailed it in 4 hours

I have been to a lo-ah-aht of training in branding and marketing over the past 8 years. Quinn Curtis just nailed it in 4 hours.


She has a gift for seeing and facilitating the breakthrough!!

Quinn supported me to breakthrough on some things that had been holding me back for a long time. She has a gift for seeing and facilitating the breakthrough!!"


that was one of the most useful four hours I've ever spent

I just have to tell you that was one of the most useful four hours I've ever spent. Thank you so much for facilitating these breakthroughs.


Working with Quinn has been amazing!

Working with Quinn has been amazing! I am so grateful I found her. What a gift she brings to the table! I gained clarity, focus, and felt thoroughly supported. She is brilliant."


Quinn is authentic and truly cares about your success, she is my soul cheerleader.

Her perspective of life, joy and business was a spirit awakening for me. She has an amazing gift of connection and guidance that has blessed my life in so many ways.


Her creativity, compassion, and sensitivity are the perfect combination

Her creativity, compassion, and sensitivity are the perfect combination for facilitating forward movement for anyone who's life Quinn has the opportunity to touch."


My brand was born because of you!

I find it so impossible for a person not to be madly in love with your being. You are so easy to adore!!! Best talent, love, inspiration, and the person who can make sense of the mad color and blueprints I see in my head (and create intelligent design!). Love you, Quinn Curtis! 


wondering if soul brand camp 
       can really help you

here’s what to expect:


Soul Brand Camp isn't like other workshops where you go and learn a lot of theory and come home with a bigger to-do list than you already had before attending. 

At Soul Brand Camp, we're going to get lots done to strengthen your brand and marketing strategy... NOW.

Expect to work hard and receive focused support to draw the gold out from within you in a way that feels natural and fun. The gold is in there! Time to bring it out.

Rather than Quinn telling you everything you should do in your business and brand, anticipate her guiding you also to find the answers within to what's right for your business and next steps (during the event) and take action on where your energy and passion are highest. 

Friday: 3 pm-8 pm • Saturday: 10 am- 4 pm


grow your business?

inspired, energized, and clear...

not only will you leave soul brand camp 


The biggest breakthrough most Soul Brand Camp attendees experience is FINALLY being able to know how to talk about who they are, what they do and why it matters in a compelling, magnetic way. Feeling empowered, their marketing and sales conversations suddenly become drastically easier and more natural, allowing them to feel free to simply show up to serve. They are now deeply rooted in knowing the massive value they have to offer and are liberated to share that value in bigger, more wholehearted ways... naturally.

Through the exercises and direction given at Soul Brand Camp, attendees also walk away with a clear path on exactly where to focus their energy in their business moving forward in order to get the results they have been wanting. Not only does marketing become easier, but any design and photography decisions are also simplified and clarified, making their visual brand identity development more fun and fabulous to bring to life.  


here to serve you

Quinn Curtis is a Soul Brand Strategist + Business Coach for World-Changers + Big Dreamers. With nearly a decade of experience developing businesses and brands, including working with multi-million dollar brands to increase their profitability and effectiveness, while transforming their culture, Quinn has often been nicknamed "the midwife" for her gentle, joyful, but also firm approach to drawing out genius and helping creative projects be born successfully into the world.

Quinn is a mother to 5 children under the age of 12 who has overcome myriads of major hurdles in growing her and family's dreams. She loves exploring the world and recently crossed "ride a camel in Africa" off her bucket list. At home she loves binge-watching anything hilarious with her husband and a waffle cone with chocolate brownie ice cream.

FAQ nO. 1

Yes. Both days of the Soul Brand Camp workshop are recorded and ALL attendees (both online and in-person) receive lifetime access to the recording within 48 hours after the event ends. That being said, it is a great idea to attend as much as you possibly can live, rather than depending on trying to catch up with all of it later. The total recording time is typically around 10 hours of video to watch later, so if you can be there for most of it live, it helps ensure you will complete the training and start reaping the benefits.

Will soul brand camp be recorded?

FAQ nO. 2

Those attending in-person at the event space in Pleasant Grove, Utah, have the opportunity to purchase a VIP ticket for less than $50 more than the normal ticket price. VIP attendees receive the best seating in the workshop, as well as the opportunity to attend a special VIP breakfast with Quinn Curtis on the morning of the event. During the breakfast, they'll also have the opportunity to have some headshots taken by Quinn's personal photographer that they will receive after the event to use in their branding.

what are the benefits of the vip ticket?

FAQ nO. 3

Absolutely!! Soul Brand Camp takes attendees in depth in areas that we can ALWAYS go deeper in our brands to bring more magnetism and effectiveness. The big question to ask yourself is: "Is my brand currently getting me the results I want?" If the answer is anything but a "YES!!! IT TOTALLY IS!" then Soul Brand Camp is going to be supportive to your business. What kind of results would we expect to see from your brand? More sales, more doors and opportunities opening to you, more of your ideal clients coming to you ready to buy, rather than you feeling like you've got to go find people and sell to them, as well as more credibility and authority in your niche.

what if I already have a "brand?" Is this still useful?

FAQ nO. 4

Heck yes! You likely are feeling like a "hot mess" because you don't have enough clarity in your business and brand strategy. Soul Brand Camp is a powerful opportunity to get to the heart of your business and finally get things aligned and working. Rest assured that you will be gently led through the workshop to take potent next steps that will bring back the JOY and passion that may have been lost in the hustle in your business growth so far. See attending Soul Brand Camp as the opportunity to hit the "refresh" button in your business and life, leaving you empowered to grow your business in peaceful, aligned ways from here forward.

what if i feel like a hot mess in my biz... can this even help?

FAQ nO. 5

Our intention is to keep every attendee well-fed during the event. On the ticket order page there is a spot for you to specify any dietary restrictions so we can do our best to accommodate them. Meals are typically served buffet style with gluten-free, vegetarian options available for those who need them to choose them.  That being said, if you have severe dietary restrictions you may want to bring food to supplement your experience - there is a fridge/freezer that you can have access to during the event. Feel free to discuss your situation in depth prior by emailing to connect directly with Quinn's team who can let you know what the catering menu is set to so you can be well-informed. 

how do meals work with dietary restrictions?

FAQ nO. 6

During the event there will be multiple opportunities for both in-person and online attendees to ask questions and receive support from Quinn in real time. MUCH thought and energy is put into ensuring that every attendee comes and has their needs met at the event. We do cap the number of attendees allowed to register for the event to ensure that we have a group size that accommodates well for questions being answered.

how easy is it to get questions answered?

FAQ nO. 7

We use Zoom to livestream the event. You will have one of Quinn's team monitoring the chat during the event so your questions can be answered in real time. The camera is facing Quinn and microphones are used with audience participation also so you can hear everything in the event as if you were there in person. All slides are shown directly to your screen so you're able to see clearly and read the slides effectively. Every online attendee is emailed the digital workbook to print out prior to work in along with the event.

what is attending online like?

FAQ nO. 8

Tickets may be refunded  with no questions asked up to 2 weeks before the event. After that point, no refunds will be given, but tickets may be transferred to another person as desired/needed. For questions about a specific situation, feel free to reach out to

what is the refund policy?

FAQ nO. 9

Soul Brand Camp is a powerful experience for anyone growing their business, regardless of if they are physically designing their own brand assets or not. For anyone who desires support with graphic design, Quinn will share some deeply discounted options to working with her team after Soul Brand Camp. They offer full brand identity design packages, including logo design, web design and more. For those interested in DIY, Quinn will also share her favorite resources and options to help make the DIY process peaceful and fun.

do i need to be able to design my own brand?

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